Personal Chef

No time to cook? • Tired of cooking or going out to eat? • Tired of fast food? • Hate to shop? • Hate cleaning your kitchen?? Knock. Knock. Food! is a unique service that provides a stress free personal culinary experience. Come home to a fridge stuffed with quality dishes designed and prepared by a chef in your home! You chose how many portions you need and I will come by on a weekly basis and cook you your meals for the week. Take a week off for vacation or just request a meal custom for you and a wonderful night at home and I will make you

Dinner Parties

Close friends, fine wine, and food to dance on your palette is what you’ll get when you hire Knock. Knock. Food! to cook for your next dinner party whether it be a romantic dinner for two, double date, birthday party, or holiday with friends away from home.

Cooking Classes

Learn how to shop for the best groceries, how to prep your favorite meal, and cooking food from fresh to palette. Through in-home cooking classes, students learn how to cook the foods they love to eat in a relaxing environment. Students choose the date and time of their class, and the menu they want to learn from an experienced chef. Classes are approximately 2 ½ hours and are centered around the preparation of a complete meal.

Interested in hiring a personal chef?

Help me get to know you and your palette by filling out the Client Assessment Form below. You are one step closer to having a personal chef in your own doing your grocery shopping, cooking your food, and cleaning your kitchen!

Client Assessment Form


A neighborhood chef just trying to do it right with some quality food in a healthy way.

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