Meet David

Meet David

Chef Stevens has been in the food industry for over 12 years, working in restaurants ranging from quaint cafes to fine dining. Through this experience, he has learned and created countless recipes and techniques along the way. Aside from his professional experience, he remains passionate about continuing his culinary studies of current food trends and international cuisine.

While serving customers at dining establishments has been an amazing experience, Chef Stevens has decided to shift his focus to a more personalized experience for people by offering a one on one approach to cooking. With this goal, Knock Knock Food was born!


Personal Chef

No time to cook? • Tired of cooking or going out to eat? • Tired of fast food? • Hate to shop? • Hate cleaning your kitchen?? Knock. Knock. Food! is a unique service that provides a stress free personal culinary experience. Come home to a fridge stuffed with quality dishes designed and prepared by a chef in your home!

Dinner Parties

Close friends, fine wine, and food to dance on your palette is what you’ll get when you hire Knock. Knock. Food! to cook for your next dinner party whether it be a romantic dinner for two, double date, birthday party, or holiday with friends away from home.

Cooking Classes

Learn how to shop for the best groceries, how to prep your favorite meal, and cooking food from fresh to palette. Through in-home cooking classes, students learn how to cook the foods they love to eat in a relaxing environment.

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